Remember there are 3.4 billion women on Earth ~by C.J. (♥♥♥) “The Siege”,

by C.J. (♥♥♥) “The Siege”,

There are plenty of women to talk to. This time around you are just practicing to learn your skills and refine them.

Each person you get in a conversation with is just a practice-person.

This way, you have no reason to worry at all about any particular outcome and can let your personality come forth in full flourish.

You can even say things that might be lightly shocking. The worst that can possibly happen is that you will learn from it.

It is a step toward eventual success and by maintaining this mindset you will find, that a few minutes into a conversation already rolling “Hey this chick is kinda cool and pretty cute, maybe I will like her more than this encounter.”

There are plenty of hott, fun-filled women so this time around you are just practicing, fine tuning your calibration.

There are no worries to any specific outcome.

The only possible results are successfully hooking her or a successful lesson.

The mindset that Siege is talking about was so important for my development. When I started viewing each set as a way of pushing myself and improving, the outcome of the interaction became less and less important. And as a bonus, the less I cared about the outcome, the more relaxed I was in set and was able to be myself.

I love the attitude that Siege describes in the second half of the quote. its so… natural/realistic/genuine. Isnt that how genuine social interactions are supposed to be? ~Ender